Dyslexia & Vision
Most experts agree that problems with sight are not usually a main cause of dyslexia. Certain visual problems, however, do occur more often in dyslexia and these may, in some cases, contribute to the reading difficulty.
An Example Test
What tests will you do if I come in for a dyslexia vision test? This section shows you an example of one of the tests we carry out when you have an assessment.
Stephen Wilcox Optometrists have been able to help many people affected by dyslexia by making thier reading easier. This section contains some testimonials from our clients.
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About Stephen Wilcox Optometrists
Stephen Wilcox Optometrists, established in 1983, has developed an unparalleled reputation for professionalism, quality and service, at an affordable price. Based in South Liverpool, we have a state of the art, newly refurbished practice, creating a friendly atmosphere.
Stephen Wilcox the Principal Optometrist, qualified from UMIST, Manchester and has a wealth of experience in hospital, University and private clinics to give him a wide knowledge in all forms of eye care. He is the ex-Chairman of the Liverpool Optometric committee, and he has professional interest in the role of vision and dyslexia.
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